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problems with NEW seagate hd

Problems with DVD RW Drive

Problem with dvd-rom

recognize cd-r

Removable USB storage doesn't display on My Computer

Samsung DVD writer can't copy

Sata hard drive and on-board audio problem

ROM drive locks up-Disappears from "MyComputer"

searching for a USB flash drive

Second CD-ROM drive not recognized

SP2 troubles cd-drives

Sony CD-RW won't read disc

Sony USB Flash drive not detected after NTFS formatting

system says cd drive not installed

Thumb drive not showing up in Disk Management or My Computer

Thumb drive problem: device not responding

Trying to fix 2 USB Flash Drives with 2 different problems

Unable to access removable hard drive and my mobile as mass storage device

Two DVD burners installed in Vista

Unable to explore CD & DVD ROM drives from "My Computer"

uninstalled musicmatch and my cd and dvd drives are gone.any help

USB doesn't recognize devices on laptop

Usb Flash Drive Doesnt Work

USB drive recognized on laptop but not desktop

USB external drive not working help

USB drive not detected on one PC

USB flash drive not recognized

Usb drive/ CD drive help

USB Flash Drives no longer recognised

USB Flash Disk not appearing in Explorer

USB storage drive not detected

USB Flash Drive not detecting

USB 2.0 External Hard Drive not recognised

USB Flash Drive not working

USB flash drive recognized but Windows can't see it

usb stick not recognized

USB Drive - Missing

Usb-hdd casing problem

USB thumb drive doesn't respond

USB thumb drives don't read anymore

USB pendrive frontech 128 MB Not Detecting

USB Flash Drive not detected by PC

Very odd DVDRW drive problem.

Using CD enclosure (Firewire400) for harddrive - Computer doesn't see the drive

Vista 64 Disc Recognize Problems

Vista won't recognise USB Flash Disk

Western Digital external drive not recognized

What happened to my cd rom drive?

where did my cd drives go?:'(

where is my cd rom/dvd rom

Why PC doesn't recognize removable drive?

Win7 on Compaq6710b does not recognize external hdd

Windows not recognizing my USB Storage devices

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