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problems with reformatting

Probs with External Hard Drive

Recovering Data from an external hard disk

Recover data from external hard drive?

Recover files from external drive

recover files in my external hard disk

Reformatting problem

Running iTunes from external drive

Samsung 650GB External Hard Disk Not Being Detected

Reformat problems

Seagate external hard disk not detected in front panel USB port

Seagate External HD Cannot safely remove in XP

Seagate 320GB External Hard Drive: Dead or Salvageable?

Seagate 80gb sata hdd copying data from one drive to another is very very slow

Seagate HDD Format Issue

Second Hard drive Unreadable

Seagate Portable External Hard Drive Slim not detected by PC

Setting external HDD as master drive?

Solution: Wd Hdd

Software to retrieve data on a dud HDD?

Seagate external drive: from Mac to PC

System will not Boot with External Hard Drive

Terabyte suddenly blank?

Topic: Death by HDD Enclosure?

Trip to BestBuy for an external HDD

Trouble formatting 2nd Drive that I want to use as backup

transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

Troubles with External HardDrive

Unable to detectable HD

unable to read external hard drive

Unable to access external hard drive

USB 2.5" Drive Problems on a desktop

USB external hard drive problem

USB external hard drive recognized but not assigned to a letter/not mounting (Win XP)

Usb hdd regonition problem

USB 2.0 external hardrive not working on Windows 7

USB external drive will not install

USB HDD not being recognized.

Unresponsive External HD - Virus?

usb external harddrive issues

Using an external hard drive to boot a different operating system?

USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

USB HDD's not recognized

USB2.0 exrtenal hdd

Using an external USB drive as a primary

Video file not transfering completely out of my external hard drive

Vista wont find WD HardDrives

WD Elements Desktop HD will not communicate with my laptop

Western Digital External Hard Drive Format error

What kind of cable does this external hard drive use?

What's a good brand for External hard drive?

Western Digital My Passport won't start

Which external HDD should I get?

Windows 7 HDD not reading

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