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Seagate 320GB External Hard Drive: Dead Or Salvageable?


So I'd try a middle-of-the road place to do what they can before I drop the $1,200! It was not making a clicking sound so I new they were not telling the whole truth. I have an old post outlining this process at http://html5.litten.com/windows-file-recovery-series-part-4-recover-files-from-a-bad-hard-drive/ but the the LiveCD that I use in it to make the image (PartedMagic) is no longer free so you would Homebrew fails. 1 LaCie HDD 80GB Not Tested Not Tested Works Works great with USB LOADER GX and WBFS Manager 3 1 Maxtor 80 Works Works Works Pulled from old TIVO. navigate here

Maybe different versions? It shouldn't hurt if you push there, but it won't help either. Any Ideas? Well, what do you know?

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Remove the esata/usb base 4. David My FreeAgent Pro stopped being recognized by my computer a few weeks ago. They are very different than normal drives and can erase important data on a RAW partition just by connecting power to them. admin • September 21st, 2014 at 3:57 pm Hi Eduard, Try again but this time do not remove the drive.

  • In the first 2 years the ethernet and sata 1.5 Hard drive controller went out ... 2 years later(now) it's Dead and won't post ...
  • Do I just break off the base with force?
  • In order to repair the most common problems that cause an external disk to suddenly become RAW we will use TestDisk.
  • If anybody wants better pictures email me at [emailprotected].
  • Before openening I want to check out if it is worth it (instead of sending the disk back to seagate, but then losing the data).
  • Crashed on WBFS Formatting with USB Loader GX, formatted with cfg USB Loader, then worked like a charm.
  • If the basic scan fails, there is also a deep scan to discover more deeply-buried results.  There is also a portable version if you don't want to install the full version.
  • I'll be buying another enclosure to see if the drive works now since I can't find my cables to run the hard drive.
  • thydzik Rich, I am currently using the drive as an internal drive, I don't see why it wouldn't work in another external case.
  • The base the enclosure is attached to has no screws.

Sunk between the bars (and connected to them) is plastic that the clip hooks on to (‘x'), and below that is the head of the clip (‘c') that you want to I believe I am having a lost or corrupted file system error cause from a sudden reboot of my system. Hooked it up and the drive would spin up a but I could not see it, I then decided to purchase the pcb for the drive and went to manufacturers website Best Hard Drive Recovery Software What symptoms did your enclosure suffer and was the drive fine after you got it out?

data on a HDD The drive should not be making strange clicking or beeping noises. External Hard Drive Recovery Software Free Casey Reply January 30, 2013 Connecting the drive to a computer as a secondary drive and then manually copying the data over is probably the best way and shouldn't screw anything the drive listing for that USB drive was highlighted in green and the program said "structure OK" . http://www.seagate.com/services-software/recover/ Also tested and working with latest modded CFG Loader and Dios Mios Booter r30 with Dios Mios v2.5. 0 Verbatim Store'n'Go PinStripe 32 Go & Verbatim Store'n'Go Mini USB Drive 32

Sent you the log and screen shot of the disk internals scan Can you help? Seagate File Recovery Registration Key Chances are that sooner or later it will happen to someone you support or possibly even you.  The good news is that there are lots of great recovery tools and methods Andrzej [PL] Rich I am on my third freeagent pro 750MB drive - just recieved the replacement this weekend, and within 2 hours, windows reported a drive write failure. If you don't have one available then you may be able to connect the drive to another desktop computer internally as a secondary drive, though this means pulling apart another computer

External Hard Drive Recovery Software Free

You need a very skinny flat blade screw driver with a fairly long shaft.

View Answer Related Questions Cpu Motherboard : Hard Drive Won't Spin With Ribbon Cable When I got everytng hooked up the Hard drive won't spin or the cd drive will not Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery I'm recovering a WD 500GB internal laptop drive. How To Recover Files From External Hard Drive Not Detected admin • October 5th, 2014 at 3:46 pm Hi James and Christie You can both try HDDScan http://hddscan.com/ Run it and select your drive from the dropdown list.

So my question is, Is there any other way that I can undone what I just did or restore those files that got overwritten in the process of installing the recovery http://hcsprogramming.com/external-hard/probs-with-external-hard-drive.php I swap the 750gb out and put in a 1.5 TB. I tried to recover my data inside by various software like recuva, test disk but failed to get it back. On USB Loader GX v.2.3 it says 4 Partitionen (3x 3TB and 1x 1GB) (but I have 1x NTFS) and it founds no Games. 1 Verbatim Store N'Go 16GB Flash Drive Seagate Data Recovery Cost

data and did it pass the SHORT TEST? please help me… shahid Rohit Reply October 22, 2013 i have a dell studio 15 and three drive partitions…i cant access one of my drives (which had most of my important On ULoader 4.9 and up, works flawlessly after format in WBFS 3.0 plug it whenever you want, and it will work 1 LaCie Little Disk 30 Go design by Sam Hecht http://hcsprogramming.com/external-hard/seagate-external-drive-from-mac-to-pc.php Me Need help on how to dismantle a seagate freeagent desk.

Then load App. Seagate Data Recovery Promo Code Helps you choose the best method for recovering all of the data from the drive. It just wouldn't work.

It only works with the cable with two USB connectors (data and aux power), both plugged into Wii usb ports 0 250GB[edit] Navigation 1GB - 2GB - 4GB - 8GB -

Formatting with WBFS manager and transferring ISOs works. 0 USB Mass Storage Device 1043 8012 Not Tested Not Tested Doesn't Work Reads that there is a game but black screen upon How did you get yours apart after that? You have no idea the pain you saved me. How To Recover Data From Damaged External Hard Disk MikeCroatia • September 24th, 2014 at 10:43 am Quick scan didn't find anything, so I started a Deeper scan.

I also bought an external hard drive enclosure, installed the old 200Gb hard drive, connected it via USB on the new computer, and powered it up. admin • October 3rd, 2014 at 2:29 am Hi Eric Look in the folder where testdisk_win.exe is, you should see a file called testdisk.log (or maybe just testdisk if extensions are Looks like the MBR has got corrupted so I'll mess around with this once the data is safely backed up, Hirens CD has some pretty good HDD test and repair programs weblink Hope this also aids in helping people.

Any good software for it, please suggest. Created with WBFS Manager v3. 0 Seagate Portable Drive 160GB Not tested Not tested Works Nice performance using cIOS rev15 and Cfg Loader. If this is the case then you may have to send it off to a data recovery service like Ontrack. This is helpful if you don't have a USB to IDE/SATA adapter or just don't want to pull the drive from the machine.

BUT with Wii Backup Manager v0.3.6 i finaly got it to format as FAT32 and now it works like a charm. /Skrubba 2011/01/25 As Skrubba said, format as FAT32 and it When I went to that site and clicked download it gave me testdisk_win.exe I figured they just changed the name so ran it. All that ended up doing was putting a hole in the head and it still took extreme force to release. Join the community here.

Think of the barbed end of a fish hook caught on the edge of a flat surface. But what about the data ? Tested 40+ hours; had some issues with the drive to get recognized in the beginning, now it's working mostly 4 FREECOM Classic SL Network Drive 160 GB USB 2.0 Not tested What We Are Looking For · Does the drive make noises that it did not make before?

Would not load any games, just got black screen. disassemble a "seagate freeagent desk" anyone? I shoot some sports and love anything with horses …especially Polo, including cutting, barrels, roping, busting ..and the rest of the rodeo. I opened it and understood that all data were deleted.

Works with cfg USB loader with both usb connectors connected (order matters, switch them around if it fails the first time) 2 Samsung S2 Portable 250GB HXMU 025DA/AA2 Not Tested Not After searching the Net I tried to reload the "Service Pack2" and "Service Pack 3" as per instructions from MS. Please post a comment below and say "It worked" so I can guage the effectiveness of this post. Left click the icon on the taskbar, select the device from the menu, and wait for the confirmation message.

Thank you for the tutorial! If ID #191 G-sense Error Rate is listed and has a RAW VALUE greater than 0 then that means the drive has been dropped or bumped hard.