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problems with seccond hard drive

Problem find slave drive with XP

Problems installing a second hard drive

problems with slave drive installation

Problems installing replacement SATA drive

Problems detecting my new SATA drive in Windows.

Problems Accessing Folders on Slave Hard Drive

Program to check what is using my hard drive much?

problems with new hard drive

Problems after installing a New Hard Drive

Put 2 'used' hard drives in old computer - problems using programs on slave

Problem with hard disk/writer

Question about Raptor hard drives

Problems installing a SATA HDD with a 20 gb IDE HDD as primary drive.


Putting a hard drive into an enclosure

Question about making my own portable drive.

Questions on Multiple HDDs and RAID

Quick question about ATA HDD's

Question regarding wear on disks if you keep them running

Putting old hard drive in another computer

RAID Utility only sees one of my drives

RAID and ASUS HDD not recognised in Win XP

Raid hard drives

Raid Hd's

RAID mistake = unbootable C drive

Raid Config- Wont recognize both HDs

Ram\Hard Drive help

Questions regarding Mobo change

quick question with hardrive interface

RAM or hard drive issues

Random freezing with new hdd

Recommend a Hard drive caddy

Recommendation for a new hard disk (IDE:ATA100)

Recording the News to a hard drive

Recovering personal files from an old IDE HD

Recovering from a scrapped BIOS

Recovering data on old IDE drive

Reformating hard drive error

reformating HD and looking to set RAID to 0.can anyone help?

Really weird hard drive issue.?

Re-formatting a hard drive

Reformating master hdd

Reformatting external hard drive

Reformatted hard drive

Reformat Overlook

recently built new computer.1 HDD not being recognized

reading BAD SATA

Reformatting 1T hdd

Reformat 2 sata HDDs

Re-formatting hard drive problems

Reformat/reinitialize hard drive

Recover HD info

Reformating partitioned harddrives

Reformatted my hard drive with problems. Help?

Recovering Data From Old Hard Drive

reinstalled Windows. cant see secondary hard drive.

Recovering HD contents

Removable hard drive seems to be unmountable

Recovery of cleaned HDD on laptop

Reformatting laptop with split drive

reformatting Partioned HDD

Replacing Hard Drive?

Replacing hdd on Mesh desktop

Recover data from SATA hd

Replacement HDD

Replaced hard drive

Replacing HDD with a different model #

Replaced HDD

Repartition HD w/out losing OS info?

Replacing a hard drive

Reinstalling OS to SATA drive with IDE drive installed

Replace the hard drive?

Replacing hard drive troubles

Reformating external hard drive

Reformating from backup

Replacement Hdd help

Replacing HDD in Compaq Presario Notebook

Replacing Laptop Hard Drive - Dell Latitude

Repeated Hard Drive Access w/ Wireless Connection Enabled

Repair tech said hard drive reformat necessary to fix dvd burner

Replaced HD and want to install different OS on HP Pavilion dv6000

Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Replacing Hard Drive w/Old Contents - quickest & easiest?

Replacing a bad HDD

Removable Hard Drive issue

reuseing old hard drive information :)

Replacing Laptop HDD - USB HDD Cradle Problems

SATA drive only boots in IDE mode

SATA Drive prevents computer from working

SATA Hard Drive

SATA hard drive external adapter

SATA hard drive full capacity recognition


SATA & non-SATA drive interlinking Help

SATA drives

Samsung 80GB Hard Disk's weird Problem

Sata Hd

sata 2 sata cloning

SATA Hard drive use as os

Sata Hard Drives Missing

SATA channel Freezes computer

Salvaging info off removed HHD

SATA & IDE drive problem

Sata HDD wont boot

sata installation problem

SATA Troubles.

SATA drives with ATAs

Sata 2 HD installation problem

sata and ide probs


Sata main drive ide slave

sata as 2nd hdd with ide as 1st?

Repartition without loosing data?

Sata Drive Used As Slave

Replacing HD

sata hdd install issues

SATA HD install problems

SATA/IDE hard drive not working on Windows XP

SATA Installation

Samsung Spinpoint HN-M101MBB/Z4 1TB cannot be detected

SATA Running Super Hot

Sata drive issues

SATA enclosure with rj45 interface

SATA plug damaged

SATA drive "disappears" in XP

sata hard disc problem

Sata HDD

SATA master IDE slave

SATA drives not working

SATA Master With ATA Slave?

sata hd install issue

SATA HDD clicking

Sata drive freezes windows

SATA drive not working

SATA drives . master and slave?

SATA II HArd drive

Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB hard drive--making me feel ill

SATA problems

SATA HDD not being recognised at actual size

SATA drive freezing my PC

Save Data from old hard drive on New computer

SATA Hard disk problems

SATA install trouble

SATA working properly?


Samsung HDD Quality?

SATA connector broke off.

SATA master + dual slave IDE

sata dard drive

Seagate 1.5TB at BestBuy

Second hard drive will not work properly

Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Secondary hard drive

Second HD won't recognize

Seagate HDD not being recognized by my computer

Seagate 1.5TB Drives & RAID 6 - Reliable?

Seagate external hard drive not showing up in my computer. It is detected.

SCSI drive as C: drive in a desktop

second h/d installation with different OS

Secondary IDE port/connector for hard drive

Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive not showing up on Windows?

Second hard drive

Seagate hard disk problem

Second hard drive gone

Secondary USB HD Problem

SATA installation help

Seagate 1TB external hard drive not detected

sata nistall problems

SATA-only system troubleshoot

SATA hard drive help

SATA/NCQ Laptop Hard drive adapter

Secondary HDD isnt shown in my computer?

Second hard drive not detected anymore.

Second hard drive help

Serial ATA Problem?

SATA harddrive

SATA HD question and IDE HD problem

Second HDD used to work

Secondary H/D vanished

SATA HDD as extra storage

Secondary hard drive troubles

Seagate Hard drive has bad status and makes horrible noises on boot-up

setting up two hard drives

Setting up new hard drive or.

Serial ATA hard drive

Setting up a dual boot on separate hard drives

Setting up an added hard drive

Second hard drive not detected

sata drive not seen in windows explorer

Setting Transfer Rate for an SATA Hard Drive

Serial ATA HD wont show up

SATA HDD issues- please help

Serial ATA HDD problems

SATA/IDE how do I know what I have

Second IDE HDD Prevents Boot

Sharing hard drive

Seagate Hard drive makes horrible chirping noises on boot-up

Second Sata stops being recognized

Seagate HD not recognized in my computer

should i replace my HD?

Secondary hdd in windows 7 with old xp install left on it

Second hard drive trouble

second hard drive not accessible

setting up 2 hard drives with xp


secondary HD problem

Single SATA install problem

running a ide drive about too instal a s-ata drive and suggestions

Second Hard Drive Problem

Setting up second IDE hard drive

SATA install help

Slave Hard drive only shows on restart

Slave not seen but recognized

Should I just reformat my hardddrive?

Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore

s-ata 150 hdd reading problem

Slave Drive wont register

slave HDD doesn't work

Slave Hard Drive Issue

smoking hard drive

Slow file transfer between Hard Drives

Slave Drive help

Slave hard drive

slave hard drive wont show up

Sleep/standby not working after booting from secondary HDD

Setting up 2 hard drives

Something bad whit my HDD

Sony VGC-LT15E all-in-one HD replacement

Something eating up HD space

Slow SATA problem

Slow hard drive?

Slow hardrive

Spare Hard Drive / Capacity a Mystery

Split / Partition / Or Single Drive?

Split drives need more storage

Space Problems on new hard disk

Speed problems with SATA drive

Split Harddrive

Storage Drives Not Appearing in "My Computer" but in "Computer Management"

Strange hard drive problem

Success Failed hard drive data recovered

Steps/hardware needed? Replaced hard drive

Strange problem with WD 500GB external hard drive

Strange noise from hard drive

swap plates in HD?

Swapping Boot Drive

Swapping out master drives

swapping out my HDD

swapping plate in hard drive?

Swapping hard drives

Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop.good idea?

Swapping hard drives between computors.

Switching out Vista OS HDD

Strange multi-hard drive problem

Storage Drive Causes sYSTEM tO cRASH

Switching hard drives

Switching over HDD's

switched hard drives/windows not starting up

System lock-up when plugging in external USB-HDD

Take a Drive Image from a USB external HD?

Switch hard drives in laptops

System restore after HDD replacement

Swapping dual-boot master and slave hard drives?

Testing HDDs for reliability/functionality and anticipating/preventing failures?

Switching HDD's

System is restarting wid New Hard Disk

System won't power on after playing with Hard Drives (I'm an *. help)

The case of the disappearing hard drive in Windows XP

system won't detect 2nd hard drive

Thinking about installing a second hard drive

system won`t boot after installing dvd drive.

Taking apart my 200GB External.

Thinking of buying a new hard drive

Test HDD

To partition or not to partition?

to partition or not to partition-and how

think'in bout.reformatting drive?

Third hardrive being a pain

Toshiba 5505-s504 doesn't recognize any HDDs

Tips to recover info from Notebook HD

Toshiba A-65 hd replacement

Three hard drives down and counting

Toshiba HDD circuit board

This Is A Really Nice HDD External Enclosure

Thorough Surface Scan Utilities?

Transfer data off of old hard drive to laptop

Toshiba USB hard drive.

TRansfer drives from one PC to another

Transfering A hard drive from one computer to another

Transfer modes for Raid 0 such as UDMA

Transfer of hard drive to another computer

Toshiba hard drive died

Toshiba Laptop Hard drive issue

Trouble installing new hard drive

Triple Grunt Noise from Hard Drive.

Trouble adding SATA card and drive to system

Transportation of hard drives

Toshiba Tekra 8000 harddrives

Transferring Hdd to hdd

Trouble with 160GB SATA Drive

Toshiba Satllite preboot freeze with CD drive

Trying to Install a sata 500 gb empty hard drive

Toshiba external USB hard drive not detected in any laptop

Transfer speed between two external hard drives is 4MB/s :(

Toshiba External USB Hardisk Not working -Pls ADVICE

Troubles connecting 2 SATA Drives

Transfering hard drive information to another computer

Transfering harddrive data

Trouble with Toshiba Hard drive

Trying to format hard drive

Trouble using laptop 2.5" HDD as external storage with a desktop PC

Trying to revive "dead" hard drive

Trouble with New HDD

Trying to set up a new SATA hard drive

Trying to install new SATA Maxtor 120g

Two drives in same location

trouble with HDD

Trying to install XP on new hard dive for an HP Pavilion A6000

Trouble with 2nd Drive

trouble formating hard drive

Trouble with adding a new SATA drive

Trying to get windows to recognize HDD?

Transferring data from old drive to new one

Trying to put a SATA 3.0Gb/s hard drive into my ATA-6 notebook

Tom's Hardware - latest HDD articles

Trying to setup 2 HDDs in my PC

Two SATAs: Can't get slave to be identified

Transferring files from a laptop SATA drive to a desktop IDE drive

Ubuntu 7.10 on 2nd HDD not booting

Trying to slave an SATA to an IDE

Ugrading A Hard Disk

Unable to format USB connected harddrive

tutorial for slaving a drive

Two Hard Drives

Unable to convert 160Gb SATA to NTFS - invalid link and improper folder size

Unable to connect FireWire hard drive to laptop; help?

Unable to access hard drive error

Transferring a Hard Drive from an old computer to a new one

Types of external enclosures

Two power plugs on SATA drive

Unable to copy files from old hard drive even with carriage

Unable to copy folder from hard drive

Two HDDs in System. Deleted partition on Drive 0 now cant access Drive 1?

Understanding Hard Drives.?

Tried to set up additional hdd

Unable to start after changing HDD

Unable to access hard drive

Unable to play music from external HDD

Unusable hard drives?

Unresponsive/broken? Hard drives Win 7

Transferring data from old HD to current HD

Upgrade Hard Drive

Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

Upgrade due to new HDD

unrecognized hard drive

Un Partition Hard Drive?

upgrading hard drive problem

Upgrading HDD issue

Upgrade of harddisk for Samsung NV5000 laptop

Upgrade to bigger hard drive on Sony VAIO Laptop

Upgrading HDD on a HP Pavilion DV6

Upgrading a 2.5-inch ATA-5 laptop drive?

Unable to view administrator files on slave drive

Update to new DMI? Hard Drive S.m.a.r.t. utility disabled?

Upgrading HDD

USB drive disconnects moments after plugged in

USB -> IDE disk drive holder?

Upgrading laptop hard drive. Is too much = bad?

USB external hard drive does not work suddenly

USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure

USB cables spin drives

Upgrading to new HD without reinstall

Unusual Harddrive alarm

Upgrading with a 320GB hard drive

USB hard drives

Upgrading ultra ATA

USB Hard Drive won't format?

USB 2.0 Ext Hard Drives

USB Hard Drive

USB hard drive problem

upgrading to new HDD without reinstalling?

USB External Storage Cases.

Using Two hdds.

Using programs from an External Hard Drive

Using all 200GB when only 137GB shown

Using HDD of old laptop

USB Harddrives Shuffled

Used space/free space on HDD erroneous readings

Used Dell will not take used HDD

using 2 hard drives

Using my Old Hard Drive as a Master Drive on my New Computer

USB2 enclousre & Maxor 80GB IDE not working

Using eMachines hard drive in Dell Dimension

Verbatim #47512

VERY old LaCie external HD

Very weird seagate issue

Very hot Hard drive

Uses for second hard drive

Vista installed hard drive acting odd

Vista does not see 2nd SATA hdd

Vista WD External hard drive not showing up

Vista 2nd partition of internal HDD not functioning

WD external hard drive 232GB not recognized

WD external hard drive issue

WD 160 GB passwport drive letter does not show

WD 1TB hard drive error

WD 200GIG HD wont boot and is loud

WD 320GB problems

Want to power up hard drives separately

Vista problem detecting external HDD

WD Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2 at 1

WD External Hard drive not recognized in my computer

WD external 1TB HD issue

WD External Harddrive Not Working

WD hard drive won't show up in Explorer

WD external drive receiving power but not working

Want to slave hard drives

WD 500GB external HD heats up fast

WD HDD Issue - Head Knock?

WD Passport SE external 1TB is not working

WD HDD will not

WD external hard drive 1.5 TB does not work

WD portable HDD not showing on my computer

Want new Hard drive

WD Sata hard drive can`t be detected.

Vista 64bit Hard Drive Issues

WD2500ME external HDD not recognized :(

Want to partition drive with information on it

WD external hard drive not mounting

WD Passport 120GB external HDD - can't access files

WD external hard drive not showing up on Mac

Weird Hard Drive Problem

WD SATA Drive crashed.

Well I installed a 2 terabyte hard drive today

WD HD not readable anymore

Western Digital - External Drive Problem

WD External Hard Drive Issues

What hard drive to buy?

Western Digital external hard drive problem

Western Digital not being recognized?

What happened to my HDD LEDs?

Western Digital External Disk not recognized?

Western Digital hard drive not working

WD external clicks upon bootup

Western Digital 1TB external hard drive problem

What harddrive?

What do I need for external hd or dvd

What is the best thing to do with 2 hdd

Weird disk drive problem

Weird hard drive issue

What kind of HD enclosure?

What hard drive is the best?

WD usb hdd problom with regonition

Western Digital 1TB external HD malfunction

What is the best hdd for < 80 $

What partitions should I have?

Western Digital drive not showing up in My Computer

What's a good software to detect possible HD failure?

What Hard Drive Am I Supposed To Get?

What kind of hard drive do I need?

Whats going on with my HDD activity?

What type of HDD do I need to buy

What is good price for Hard Drive (40GB for $29 ?)

What speed is my hard drive?

What Type Hard Drive Do I Buy?

whats a good hard drive enclosure?

whats the best gaming hhd?

what's a reliable hard drive?

What type of hard drive i will need?

what type og HDD do i need? IDE

where is the hard drive

When replacing HD do you need to re install windows

Where did all my HDD space go? please help

Which Harddrive should i use

Where did my disk space goes?

Which hard disk brand is best? Hitachi?

Which Hard Drive?

Which harddrive will be best for this motherboard?

Which hard drive to get?

Where find correct mounting hardware for old HD in new Dell computer

which hard drive is best?

which laptop hard drive is better?

Which Hard Drive Enclosure

Which hard drive should I get.

Whoops - fried HD ?

Where Did My Memory Go?

Where'd my 200 GB Hard Drive go?

Why does my Toshiba Satellite hard drive have a second partition?


Why Partition More Than Once

Why doesn't my hard drive have the advertised amount of space?

While Testing Hard Drives

Why Won't You Work Sata?

Why can't I partition my hard drive more?

Wifi and Ext Hard Drive just dont get on

Will a laptop SATA hard drive work on a desktop motherboard?

Wierd proble with IDE and SATA Drives

Where is the rest of the Hard drive space?

will erasing master drive leave slave unbootable?

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