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Secondary IDE Port/connector For Hard Drive


That controller was use to control a single drive an the setup would look like this: [Computer with ISA ports] | [Connector card which was often called the HDD controller] (it I want to add a third hard drive, at least until I get all my important stuff off of the smallest hard drive in the computer now. http://www.acc.umu.se/~sagge/scsi_ide/ Maxtor/Quantum Serial ATA White Paper http://www.maxtor.com/quantum/src/whitepapers/wp_serialata.htm . I put in a new motherboard recently and couldn't figure out why I could no longer access my IDE HD. navigate here

The connector was labeled "PRI IDE". I'm using 3 maxtor HD's 80 & 120 gb sata + 200 gb pata, and 3 dvd burners BENQ 1625, & 1610, + LG GSA 4163B. Supposedly, the cables used for Cable Select will be clearly marked, with each connector labeled as Device 0 (or Master) or Device 1 (or Slave). It is a standard interface for IBM compatible hard drives and CD or DVD drives. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/secondary-ide-port-connector-for-hard-drive.65039/

Ide Hard Drive Jumper Settings

E.g. That card interfaced with the computer (e.g. Do those IDE converters to SATA work ?

  • ATA, ATAPI, IDE, and other computer interfaces help and support.
  • If newlines are converted to spaces, then where does catcode 5 come into the picture?
  • You will not hurt things, but a drive at 2/3 speed might not please you when you are moving lots of data. 0 Omega65 Philadelphia, Pa Feb 2006 edited Feb 2006
  • SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.
  • Why does my motherboard detect my ATA100 hard drive as a ATA33 or DMA mode 2?
  • My old computer died but its IDE drive was perfectly fine so it seemed obvious to me to install the old IDE drive into my new computer as a second drive.
  • I didn't want to re-install windows (until vista) and then I might switch things around.
  • I can't get these 2 drives to coexist & am wondering what I am doing wrong.
  • Serial ATA is not compatible with the IDE [Parallel ATA] because the connectors are different, the voltage levels are different, and data format is different [SATA sends a bit at a
  • All newer IDE/EIDE hard drives can be jumpered as Cable Select (CS or CSEL).

What is this? Learn More I've focused on readability so I've left out some technical details. Cable Select is defined in the ATA-2 and ATA-3 specifications. Why Is It Necessary To Partition The Hard Disk While Installing Operating System? Drives come defaulted to be ready to be installed in a single drive environment.

I was told because I wiped out a registry entry (related to the SATA drive setup) and there was a problem due to the fact Windows 2000 can't see anything over How To Connect Ide Hard Drive To Sata Motherboard The modes were: Single: Sole device on the cable. The smallest one may or may not stay for backing up data. why not try these out Two hard drives are connected: a 1 TB SATA disk and a legacy 160 Gig IDE drive connected with Syba.

Yes you will see a performance drop with the drive when paired with an optical this does not change if its primary or secondary Here is a quick lesson on the What Is The Voltage Of The Red And Yellow Wires On Most Power Supplies? IDE ribbon cables have either 40 or 80 wires. First of all look go back to the front page in your BIOS and select integrated peripherals. Control yourself and take control of the other device.

How To Connect Ide Hard Drive To Sata Motherboard

There will be a diagram somewhere. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/275232-30-difference-primary-secondary-cable-ports If not, email their support. Ide Hard Drive Jumper Settings Static discharge can jump and do some bad things. How Many Hard Drives Can Be Connected To A Single Ide Cable by esemones / July 19, 2005 8:12 AM PDT My new computer has a SATA Maxtor drive as the primary.

Time to upgrade.Always check to ensure the cables are seated properly.The failure of the CDrom drive sounds unrelated/coincidental. check over here Inside your computer, you generally have two (2) IDE hard drive controller connections. Transitional Hardware The first step in making PATA and SATA work together is to look at what you have. The designations primary or secondary doesn't have an impact on Windows XP and newer operating system, but in earlier Windows and MSDOS, hard disk should always be Primary Master, otherwise one Ide Cable Select

I don't use the CD-RW / DVD drive very often, I could just unplug it entirely and never notice a difference for 98% of the time I'm on the computer. Most likely you set your jumper wrong. There is a sample about Seagate hard drive jumper setting. his comment is here A second 'helpful' addition is Cable select.

The primary IDE channel has 2 hard drives on it. Ide Cable Definition The one in the middle is nearer the connector on the right than the connector on the left. As far as we know there does not exist any external IDE cables.

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Your mobo sounds similiar to mine. Most of the time, but not always, you connect the 40-wire cable on the other Secondary connection. Behaviors of boards with both PATA and SATA sockets depend on the motherboard firmware and BIOS. How To Connect Ide Hard Drive To Motherboard With a maximum of 4 devices on the bus.

to enable the partition or volume,restart the computor.) did the restart still no luck.question 1what is the best program to get back original files i had?question 2would it be best to also, i always run optical drives off of primary IDE and hdds off of secondary IDE. Select the auto-detect option. weblink and my standard ATA100 drive is a secondary.

Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse - Same problem here... Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums TechSpot Core Storage Today's Posts Secondary IDE port/connector for harddrive Bycigarman Dec 12, 2006 Will I run into trouble connecting a hard drive to the secondary Are DSLR cameras permitted in NY & DC tourist attractions? If the limit capacity jumper is installed you will need to use a drive overlay program such as the one installed by Disc Wizard Starter Edition.

Whichever OS you install on the IDE drives might be a tad slower because those drives are older and most older hardware was slower than current hardware. Related pages See the ATA definition for further information and a full break down of the ATA history. Or just test the configuration you want. My hard drive is slow: Make sure you have your CD/DVD drives plugged into a different channel/cable.

Thanks for posting the information, bad english or not-it was good enough for me and a great help:) Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse - I'm doing it now without Future for ATA In order for the ATA interface to cope with the increased data clock rate in the future, a proper terminator has to be applied to prevent "ringing" in When it came out the IDE standards were retroactively renamed PATA or Parallel ATA to distinguish them from SATA or Serial ATA. Most boards have 2 channels while 4 is becoming more and more common at least on the higher end boards.

Website ... Right click on it. However, you'll sometimes see transition drives.