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What's A Reliable Hard Drive?


Môùàd X Pàlómå 59 ELPCU Hmm, Thanks for valuable information, it is very helpful. I'm not interested in what enterprise equipment does. I vary what goes into each post a little bit each time. That’s not enough data to make a decision. my review here

As the data suggests, if you can afford to pay a 50% premium you should buy HGST, preferably Ultrastar if there isn't a big difference between them and Deskstar class drives, Heath Parsons I also recommend you read up on reviews at StorageReview.com. If you want to have good bang for the buck, go 2 external drives, highest ECC you can afford, and put them in software RAID1. http://www.zaxtor.net ZaXtOr Longest lasting HD I had was my old 6.4GB Fujitsu was 1999 ~ ???? click for more info

Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016

I think I'm not alone in being very curious as to how reliable this type of drive is in the Backblaze environment. Of *course*, the older the drives, the higher the failure rate. He joined PC Magazine in 2000, after 7 years of IT work for companies large and small. I have a python script to scrape the failure times I need and then an R script to do the plots and test the models.

  • They wanted payment info in case I don't send mine back but I didn't know they would put a hold for the whole amount until they receive my drive.
  • In the developed nations like Australia (where we live now), USA, etc have lost most of our factory creativity.
  • Most folks on mobile won't wait a couple of hours for a restore :) BC Pro Truckers Why not spin down the IDLE pods and store the first five minutes of
  • His current passion is to get everyone to back up their data before it's too late.

It's a little surprsing that WD and HGST are so far apart, considering that the former owns the latter.What's more interesting is the cumulative data. Shelly Really good Info…. Advertisement Advertisement As with the previous analyses, Backblaze measured the reliability of the drives by looking at the annual failure rate, the average number of failures while running a drive for Hgst External Hard Drive Unsubscribe any time.

douglas deodato nice blog, just a small suggestion, instead images for the list, why not use text to be more searchable on google? They're buying the models with the highest calculated value for money. FEATURED IN THIS ROUNDUP LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 $3999.00 %displayPrice% at %seller% The LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 is a powerful external hard drive system capable of holding up to 40TB http://www.pcworld.com/article/3071180/storage/who-makes-the-most-reliable-hard-drive-latest-backblaze-survey-claims-to-know.html That said, there are places where SMR drives work well, such as archiving and Seagate markets their SMR drives for those types of applications.

I inserted it into a brand new PC to offload the files from it, I kid you not it froze and locked up my entire PC. Most Reliable Portable Hard Drive You can read our moderation policy FAQ here. Talk about a complete 180… Chris Shakal I have a Seagate 500 GB drive in my laptop now.. I'll include average age the next time… sadsongs Thank you for posting this.

Hgst Hard Drive

All rights reserved. YevP They're constantly spinning, because of the restore process, they have to be available whenever a customer might need the data back. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 The best practice is to regularly back up your drives to a separate location, either a physical drive or the cloud.For most of your media files-documents, pictures, videos, downloads, etc-a standard Most Reliable External Hard Drive 2016 Also pleased to see that all the code worked fine.

It should sit on your desk, quietly spinning away, storing and backing up your data without a lot of setup or ongoing maintenance. http://hcsprogramming.com/hard-drive/where-is-the-hard-drive.php That's why I have automated backups of everything, and I've decided to start replacing all magnetic drives at around 3-4 years, before they show any symptoms of failure. That's part of the reason they cost so much more. It uses a two-drive RAID array for speed and capacity, but it can be supplemented with removable hard-drive pods or its included media card reader.Read the full review ›› Seagate Backup Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand

At least the 2014 page gave us years that certain models have been in service (though even that was not clear in the tables I looked at). A weekly roundup of new guides, picks, and a preview of what’s to come. very very bery berry, I mean. get redirected here While an external hard drive could just as easily fail as the hard drive you backed up onto it, cloud backup services keep copies of your copies in a variety of

someReader Hi, are you going to release hard drive reliability for Q2 2016? Hds5c404ale630 What drive would you recommend then? 2005OEFArmy . I have only had one fail (western digital drive) and that was after I dropped it.

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It could be a great service to the community abroad! The Seagate Expansion is slightly less expensive than our pick, but it was significantly slower in HD Tune and multifile transfer tests. Losing blocks of data is the biggest problem rather than catastrophic HDD loss. Hds5c3030ala630 but since it is 1 tb and we dont have hitachi i have to be sure.

I don't know but it seems that the problem is on 1Tb & 2TB hdd. And once the thing has been installed, I don't have to worry about it for about 7 years. What it *should* say instead is that compared with so many *other* drive models they have, "Failure rates with a small number of DRIVES can be misleading." That makes sense. useful reference Nor results from any other brand.

That was a long time ago now, though -- 10 years or so :) Walter Chan Hitachi is Japanese and Japanese is all about improving reliability. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing hard drives over the past few years. I think I better… Calvin Dodge In past blogs Andy has stated that Backblaze has seen no appreciable difference in reliability between consumer and enterprise drives. BtotheT WD makes great USB powered drives. 5 Drives, 80-90% full, some with a thousand hours of use, 0 Fails.

One billion hours of spinning hard drives Let’s take a look at what the hard drives we own have been doing for one billion hours. That definitely is a drive to avoid. Readers often ask which hard drive brands are the most reliable, but this information is extremely difficult to come by. YOU CAN NOT DERIVE RELIABILITY INFORMATION IN LAPTOPS OR 24X7X365 BASED ON THESE RESULTS.

Without that information, no reasonable analysis and conclusions can be drawn. Every analysis of some of the top HDD manufactures say that Western Digital, and Hitachi are the best.