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PSU Burned Out. MOBO Guilty?


I did the PSU calculator, and got a rating of 430 - So I guess my 500 should have been OK. A fried PCI card or a RAM stick can just as well prevent the system from powering up. (Or did you already try with a bare mobo)? Put more defective products into my customers machines? They would most certainly deny that. http://hcsprogramming.com/power-supply/psu-mobo-compatibility.php

Sydney, Australia Hello Paul! As well check with Seasonic what they found! Regards. I dont think its your fault. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/has-blown-psu-killed-my-motherboard.62122/

Can A Blown Power Supply Damage A Motherboard

Be sure to reference your Customer Care Ticket ID number (if available) and put the attention to my name. The CPU is wrecked. 4. LexBarringer 2016-03-01 18:27:07 UTC #37 The Z170 series Intel chipset is the best for your money because of the capabilities it affords you, the runner up is the H then the

  1. Don Mayhew Thank you SO MUCH for making this webpage to help out people that have this mysterious problem and are racking their brain trying to figure out what could be
  2. Now I've got a new mb, processor, video card and another Sonata case coming this week.
  3. The real issue is quality of that power supply not the wattage number printed on the box.
  4. Most modern power supplies have short circuit and brown out (lose a phase from the main power line for which you also lose main voltage) protection.
  5. Many just buy new ones.
  6. What I have done: Removed all hardware (using On-Board LAN for inet/network) except essentials (FX card, CPU, RAM, Mobo, ... ) Did not solve.

backpackhasjetz: I've only had luck in the past with SpinRite on very old spinning disks that were still spinning/accessible I'd also be very careful recommending an old tool that was clearly Roscoe will also go over that with you. yep u got it graphics corruption, restarted pc about 12 times before it decided to boot for me still have not heard the click whirl of the hd's shutting down but Psu Paperclip Test Real Voltage Measurement The system health monitor screen isn't always very accurate.

Well, it's costing me a fortune! Power Supply Popped Smoke Is it possible to divide some space solved Is it possible to transfer storage data through a system recovery image? It was a pretty expensive PSU - an Antec 500w Smartpower 2.0. More Help I read your article, and those that have provided responses.

prototype18Apr 30, 2013, 12:11 AM Paper clip means. How To Test Motherboard Is anything else damaged? Does this sound as if my motherboard has been destroyed? The hard drive (tried several) made a sound like it was powering up and then back down several times during the boot process.

Power Supply Popped Smoke

Measuring the voltage on an unused drive power connector, which obviously doesn't have any current flowing in the wires, gives an accurate reading of exactly what voltage is being produced by https://www.pjrc.com/about/rambling/antec.html That display showed the power consumption at approximately 75 watts with the computer configured as shown in this test. Can A Blown Power Supply Damage A Motherboard This power supply can be purchased from our website through this link here http://www.antec.com/Detail.bok?no=462. Power Supply Fried Motherboard I will eventually replace the motherboard when an upgrade becomes worthwhile (Skylake?), and hopefully sidestep the issue then (Asus, solid capacitors duly noted).

If you get another computer; I recommend MSI, EVGA or Asus (with the solid capacitors). So next i moved on to mobo drivers thinking that might be the issue. Hi Paul, I only wish I had found your article on the internet sooner as it would have saved me allot of time and money. It's the same Serial number on the PSU. Power Supply Popped And Sparked

Any dollar of revenue lost, IS LOST forever. I am now in the process of receiving an RMA from Antec.. None of this last long enough for anything to appear on the monitor, and there are no POST beeps. http://hcsprogramming.com/power-supply/psu-popped-mobo.php Help!!?

Replaced the unit with a spare (new) Aspire Chameleon 550 and so far so good. Ask ! What you need to find out is how much current of each device you're going to use and what voltages are used, match the current up with each voltage.

ChristmashamApr 28, 2013, 10:47 PM Sorry for the late reply, I can't get on the computer much since my main one is dead, might I ask, what is the paperclip test?

I left my 'air-gun' at home, so I couldn't blow out his PC to clean it before I installed his new drive. M575 23-06-2006 05:51 PM lol waat the hell??? :S Josiah 23-06-2006 06:47 PM Can't.......breathe.................... Anyway it was there when I changed the Mobo to Asus A7V8X-X and XP1800 and seems to have become miffed. Otherwise, it's worthless (and you'll have to take it to professionals anyway..) ajkerrigan 2016-02-18 01:13:50 UTC #29 Interesting, I'll have a chance to check that out soon.

The VERY FIRST clean install was VERY successful, I simply couldn't use network resources. www.myeducational plan.com-come see my plan to fix the USA educational system. Basically, what is saved is the timings for the components, the stuff loaded in memory (RAM) and what in the GP-GPU (if you have one) and being used. solved Upgrade to 1070 GTX without bottlenecking through CPU/Motherboard(/PSU) solved Can my Power Supply Unit (PSU) burn my Motherboard?