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Question About Twin Rail Psu's

A more efficient power supply will use less power at any given load, but don’t expect to shave more than a few quarters off your monthly power bills. I am running this one and it has 4 12V rails!http://www.bfgtech.com/power_supply_800W.html Blitz BASIC Founders Fund Overclockers Forums > Hardware > Power Supplies and Electronic Devices > Nice list of multi-PSU/rail bridgeing What Those Certifications Mean As you browse for a power supply you will run in to certifications such as “80 Plus.” So what do those really mean? Cheers. Source

its too low and i can run cpu i3 540 ~ 70 w vga ati 6570 ~60 w one hdd 6 gb ram one dvd WR and big mother board i Many interesting things are not taken into account normally. And I learned somthing I new. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Email: Advertisement Scroll down for the next article © 2017 MakeUseOf. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/question-about-twin-rail-psus.52186/

But im sure you add up the the 2 +12v rails like Nomen said, even the top spec PSU from coolermaster which is designed for top end SLI systems only has coffeedotbean1+ years ago#10 Well the Tomshardware guys basicly said the psu has 2 +12v at 10amp and 15amp because its safer to spread the amp across 2 rails rather than push Power supplies have multiple rails, each of which carry a certain amount of current that is rated in amps. High levels of efficiency can only be achieved with high quality components and good engineering.

  • First, no one is responsible for fact-checking power supply manufacturers besides journalists, and producers of no-name power supplies usually don’t make their products available for review.
  • It's stated up to 85% efficiency however is not certified 80 plus, which means there's a catch.
  • Get the answer WolfyBDec 4, 2013, 6:00 PM dark_globe said: don´t worry your psu has plenty of power...even if it´s really multi rail design (sometimes just false advertising) manufacturer would certainly
  • An 80 PLUS certified power supply is at least 80% efficient, which means only 20% of power is lost as heat.
  • thats what i know..

Some power is wasted as heat in this process. Ask a question and give support. All the power needs to be going to the motherboad. Does anyone have any useful pic's to demonstrate the difference?

i have psu with 12 v ~ 8 A 5v ~ 12 A 3.3v ~ 8 A !!! jscJan 2, 2010, 6:29 PM I generally like the Corsair power supplies. This is 132 watts from a single 12v wire. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.

TechSpot is a registered trademark. Are they so bad that I should look into replacing it ASAP or is it ok? Shambler1+ years ago#9 The appears to be a little ambiguity between what the PSU says it can supply and the reply you got from tomshardware.Yes the total 12V capacity is 25A This is unfortunate, because power supplies are important.

LarsG1+ years ago#3 your max amp on 12V is 15A. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=241539.0 The 10 amp rail is more than likely the P4 style connector. A 8-pin has 3x 12V lines, and 5 grounds.So if you're using an 8 pin, all 12A are split over 3 of the 8 cables, giving you 4+A on each wire. does this mean that the card is going to be unstable? ( from my understanding it does, I just want to check) secondly, how do I know which Rail the card

Reply Harron Subhani August 1, 2012 at 7:02 am Amazing and valueable info. http://hcsprogramming.com/question-about/question-about-sata-2.php Join the community here. Anonymous said: The ATX standard says that you can only have so much current on a 12v rail, (20 amps, i believe), so when graphics cards started demanding more than that, Very quiet and handles anything I throw at it.

For a more moderate system, but with lots of HDD and DVD's etc, probably best to go with a dual 12V PSU. Bad: If the amps on either rail are a little low a really high end CPU (AMD dual core and the FX series and the newer P4 3.2GHz) can overload either Only trouble is, that's one of the older BFG PSUs, not known for quality. http://hcsprogramming.com/question-about/question-about-sli-if-i-may-please.php If you are in a hot environment and/or have an inefficient PSU creating a lot of heat, you are giving your PSU a shorter lifespan.

As of right now, I think all XFX PSU's are manufactured by Seasonic. Its fine as long as you bundle up wires from same ATX rail.4. Just think of the PSU as having a single 61a 12v rail.

Many more powerful cards require two 6-pin connectors.

I can drop a couple of Ohm's, because ATX PSU connectors are only crimped not soldered ATX cables are made from shite metal mixes, to save moneyEnsure you use 'mains' single My PSU has a single 12v/40A rail. So depending on the number of other peripherals you have hooked up to the machine, you have in a best case scenario (one HD, one CD/DVD drive) 13 amps left over. If I remember correctly each PCI port can pull about an amp each, and one of these are probably being used by the gfx card.

You could pull 375 watts from a 6 pin pci-e and still be in spec for the wires if they are the same gauge (they should). Once again, video cards require some special attention. Reply Joe Johaneman July 31, 2012 at 7:53 pm Great article. Check This Out A disreputable manufacturer doesn’t have to label a power supply with what it can actually supply.

also some DFI mobo users (heavy overclockers) has some shutdown troubles with 2 rail PSUs they recommend one huge single rail PSUs.. PlayStation Vue: How Do… 5 Privacy Protecting Apps You Need to Use Right Now Internet Security 5 Privacy Protecting Apps You Need to Use Right Now Advertisement Advertisement Latest Deals Affiliate Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. This also allows for upgrades.

Motherboards > MSI AMD boards Newbie about to build - PSU Question << < (4/7) > >> cra_arc: whats being said is you could have mad e abetter choice !!!!!!!and people So the PSU automatically assigns power to certain rails so I don't have to worry about overloading one? Most devices need 12V power, so as long as there is enough to go around, your good. phoenix077Jan 2, 2010, 5:57 PM Thanks for the help guys.After I had purchased the BFG and did some research afterwards, I did read where the GS modelIs were older and not

If you were to send 12V to all devices in your computer that needs it with only one wire, you'd have a very dirty 12V line, a fire hazard, and a The one exception is the 450 watt.