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Spontaneous Bootup Problems


The Wrk2 computer has been assigned the IP address of It just goes from running fine to the POST with no error messages or anything and doesn't seem to be due to heat or usage as it's happened a couple of You ask Rodney if anything has changed recently on the computer. The pages produced cut off the bottom third of each image you print. check over here

up vote 18 down vote favorite 9 My computer reboots, seemingly completely at random, about once every week to two weeks but has occasionally gone months. I have install window 7. During that process we encountered a situation where the computer would reboot, and continue to try to reboot itself. In such cases, reset the BIOS to default settings or reset it by removing CMOS for a minute and put it back.  Make sure the BIOS firmware is up to date.

Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 7

Tip: To help diagnose recurring kernel panics, record the date and time it occurs, and anyinformation that appears with the kernel panicmessage. Hot Network Questions How is this sorting algorithm Θ(n³) and not Θ(n²), worst-case? Wi-Fi.

First restart has long interval then restarts at short intervals. What is most likely the problem?Data CableWhen would you use the degauss feature on a CRT monitor? (2)The monitor displays strange colors // The monitor displays distorted imagesYou recently upgraded a As said, it never gets to the OS selection screen (I assume), as it never shows the POST screen when it first boots when it has one of its buggy sessions, Computer Randomly Restarts When Playing Games Symptoms: Random restarts, whether in BIOS or Windows.

This software will repair the broken links and enhance the performance of your system for free. Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 10 Recent Comments News Posts on TWCNClear Linux OS now available in Azure MarketplaceSurface Studio gets its first batch of Firmware updatesDutch Developer built backdoor entry into the websites he built, stole Load More View All Manage VDI, custom services mitigate Windows XP end of support Admins planning for extended XP support must reduce security exposure Process Monitor eases Windows troubleshooting of performance navigate to these guys Summary All in all, I believe its either the GFX or the motherboard, and I'm inclining towards the motherboard as being the part that should be changed since its responsible for

You install three new DATA drives, then use the RAId controller integrated into the motherboard to define a RAID 5 array using them. Hardware Monitoring Program Click "Move to Trash". You can read it first and decide if you are unable to help, as you don't have to read the rest then and use time on my post that is potentially Suddenly, the computer will not start and run correctly.

Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 10

Suggestions made and opinions expressed by him here are his personal one's and not of his current employers. Attempts at troubleshooting/finding the problem:The first time it happened, I tried restarting my PC and turning it off and on to no prevail. Computer Randomly Restarts Windows 7 If you believe the issue may have been caused by one of the apps that you were using, click Cancel instead. Computer Randomly Restarts No Blue Screen A note: if you test RAM, leave as much hardware out as possible.

Don't just be looking at the mobo, suspect the hard drives and other peripherals too, HDDs can make your computer "pause" or appear to temporarily go dead on a bad block http://hcsprogramming.com/randomly-restarts/random-restarts-usually-at-bootup-help-understanding-error-logs.php These bugs are subjected to be treated by the developer in a released version. What should you do?Reboot the system and select Safe Mode. Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name Pc Auto Restart Problem Windows 7

  1. What should you do?Shut off the system immediatelyYou have an existing computer that you've been using for years.
  2. AFter this, Take a look at Bluescreenview, this utility will allow you to see any bluescreens that have appeared in the past and hopefully allow you to track down the fault.
  3. Synopsis: My computer has started about a month ago, to not been able to start on random occurences, which has been happening more frequently recently.
  4. Connecting the external drive and its cables to another Mac can help make sure the drive does not cause kernel panics.
  5. Nothing appears on the LCD display when the system is powered on.
  6. Which of the following will give you the IP address of that server?ping www.widgets.com // nslookup www.widgets.comWhich command verifies that TCP/IP is working correctly on the local computer?ping are designing
  7. You weren't senior in your first … USB killed my build? 3 replies This might not be the right place to post this and if it is im sorry but I
  8. Right click your Computer icon and go to its Properties Click to select Device Manager from left panel to open its concerned window, listing all devices Devices tagged with a yellow
  9. Some of these noted errors are expected to be registry related.
  10. Which Windows utility should you use to prevent the program from starting automaticallymsconfig.exeYou have a Windows Vista that was recently upgraded from Windows XP.

Now your SATA DVD drive won't work. The kernel panic text is added to the log after you restart the computer, assuming that you did not reset PRAM (the kernel panic text is stored in PRAM until you You check in Device Manager and find an icon for the device with a yellow exclamation mark over it. http://hcsprogramming.com/randomly-restarts/spontaneous-random-reboots.php Then after some time, it sounds as if it tries to read the DVD again, which makes me think that after a while, it reboots again(if it can reboot..

He immediately rebooted and has not been able to use Windows 7 since then due to STOP errors during the boot process. Pc Randomly Restarts During Games Was the computer starting up, shutting down, or performing a particular task when the recurring kernel panic happened? At the first place, be directed to reseat the RAM by plugging it in to another empty slot.

The messages on the screen are instrumental in determining what went wrong and why.

How do I tell it so? Sometimes, rarely I get logged in, but it shuts down before I an perform any actions. The computer runs Windows 7 Enterprise. Laptop Randomly Restarts I have a Windows-based computer stuck in an infinite reboot loop.

The fans in the cabinet spins up and their LEDs start glowing and I can hear the DVD drive trying to read a disc, just as it normally does under boot. I'm going nuts here, this is my first IT problem I as a softwaredeveloper hasn't been able to solve myself... And CPU. have a peek at these guys Should you do this?No, this is the system's recovery partition.What is a recovery partition?A partition created by the computer manufacturer to restore the system to its original stateWhen would restoring from

Menu. I am back on my Ubuntu box now after two or three days of trying to boot. You recently added a 4-disk RAID10 array to the system and now it spontaneously shuts down. I am frozen out of my computer.

The existing wireless network uses 802.11b equipment, which your client complains runs too slowly.