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Water Cooling Kit & Overclocking A New Athlon

Alle Ausgaben durchsuchenDiese Zeitschrift als Leseprobe anzeigen » Alle Ausgaben durchsuchen19902000 Jan. 2000Febr. 2000März 2000Apr. 2000Mai 2000Juni 2000Juli 2000Aug. 2000Sept. 2000Herbst 2000Okt. 2000Nov. 2000Dez. 2000Jan. 2001Febr. 2001März 2001Apr. 2001Mai 2001Juni 2001Juli Similar Topics A Good water cooling kit 8800 gtx Feb 19, 2008 High-end water cooling kit (no res) $275 Feb 18, 2012 New to water cooling. The Zalman has a Blue LED which is hawt i must say. Why it's a bad thing to have a thermal insulator between your CPU and your CPU cooler, I leave as an exercise for the reader. navigate to this website

But you've got to choose your Peltier wisely. If you have to use water cooling to get past 650MHz, as with this crummy processor, the economics become ridiculous. solved Mid-Range GPUs paired with AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Upgrading from AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ to an Athlon 2 X4 640 Processor. The low output pump actually worked quite well, but a much higher capacity one would cost little more, and might help cooling performance considerably. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/water-cooling-kit-overclocking-a-new-athlon.1326/

You can do it from CD. If you've got a Super7 motherboard (the most modern version of the smaller Pentium-type socket connector), you can upgrade to a 550MHz AMD K6-II, with similar performance to the Celeron, for The Zalman has a Blue LED which is hawt i must say. The K7V has an AGP Pro slot, which is the longer version of the standard AGP slot, with an extra bit at one end that suitable cards plug into for power.

  • From Maximum...
  • Overclocking a CPU - running it faster than its rated speed - always makes it run hotter.
  • There are a couple of straps with slots in the end and a retaining bulge in the middle in among the mounting hardware; you take a couple of the long screws,
  • Well, it did with mine, anyway.
  • solved AMD Athlon 64 X2 3250e ADJ3250IAA5DO in a Desktop AM2+ Motherboard?
  • Honestly, it's all perfectly logical if you just think about it.
  • Now it shifted a still-good 34 litres or so per hour.
  • Running a water tube into your computer seems to be, at first glance, the sort of thing that people only do because the voices in their head command it.
  • ok i know i said that im a penny pincher and all that in the other post, but i am so fickle as well.

The Senfu radiator is excellent. And Win2000 can even run games. You do not need to be a raving propeller-headed lunatic to do it. Which is superb.

The multi-drilled retaining plate that comes with the water jacket actually neatly fits the relative heights of an Athlon's CPU and cache chips. Its real world performance, though, turned out to be a lot less exciting. About one and a half litres a minute, pushed through the whole cooling system - that's a highly respectable 90 litres per hour, six times the stock pump's performance. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/186059-29-best-cooler-athlon You'll be hard pressed to find a decent water cooler under 50 dollars.

But, generally, you stick it together yourself. SECC2 is similar to SECC but there's no thermal plate - just a plastic backplate with four holes in it for cooler mounting purposes. How much it actually emits still depends on what it's doing, of course, but I think it's plausible that the Senfu rig was, here, displaying about a 0.1 degree Centigrade per I don't know what their 220 volt pump is like; if it's as bad as this one, you won't want it.

Because the pump's weedy, that's why. https://books.google.com/books?id=qwIAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA74&lpg=PA74&dq=Water+cooling+kit+%26+overclocking+a+new+Athlon&source=bl&ots=-YhA9Sg9BD&sig=FTZLeCDf5X4sGhq6Fa0mcOWykgY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwintIPTq7_RAhVEzoMKHZlgDEo If you're prone to stab the reset button in disgust when your computer crashes, this is not the system for you. Amd 64 x2 6400+ need to find the best cpu cooler solved AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz VS Athlon 64 X2 6400+ solved Does AMD Athlon II X2 245 It's as if it were made for the purpose.

The DIY Overclocking House is just meant to be a funky looking, compact test frame for fiddling with hardware. useful reference You may also... Apr 24, 2002 #5 (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Show Ignored Content Topic Status: Not open for further replies. If you had a P4 2.2Ghz or an Athlon 2100+ or something such as that, then I would suggest getting one if you are a hardcore overclocker...

Thankfully, all of the Senfu hose connections work very well. Voransicht des Buches » Was andere dazu sagen-Rezension schreibenEs wurden keine Rezensionen gefunden.Ausgewählte SeitenSeite 21Seite 17Seite 11Seite 9Seite 8InhaltProcessors22 Motherboards30 Memory34 Hard drives36 Power supplies38 3D graphics40 Monitors50 Speaker types52 Voodoo Johnson All mentioned trademarks are property of their respective owners - AMDboard.com 2001-2010 - Contact - Banners - Publisher - Privacy Policy - Submit news Suppliers Athlon/Duron core IDBIOS optimization http://hcsprogramming.com/water-cooling/water-cooling-help.php Die, damn you!Despite having millions and millions of transistors packed into their fingernail-sized dies, modern CPUs are amazingly forgiving.

dwaldenMay 25, 2006, 10:57 PM Well, thanks to all for your input. What pipes? For that reason, when I hooked the system together and turned on the pump, I watched the water go into the water jacket, out of the water jacket, into the radiator

The small nuts that holds the HSF to mounting posts is a pain in the ass to tightened.

The CPU will just overheat and shut down as usual, and probably be fine. Peltiers are even reversible - the hot and cold sides swap, if you reverse the supply voltage polarity. A motherboard, a video card, a processor, some drives - the usual. The output pipe is a bit bigger than the Senfu pump and doesn't have a locking collar; the larger diameter means you can just jam the Senfu tubing on and it

its basically just a turf war. The L2 cache chips are those separate RAM chips on the Athlon board that caused me such trouble by needing to be cooled. Use it in a country with 110V mains and it's certainly not isolated; smash the pump and stick in your finger, or even stick that same finger in the water the get redirected here If the CPU makes it to, say, 75 degrees Centigrade before spitting the dummy - which is perfectly possible - it's likely the Peltier will silently fail.

The system was the most stable it had ever been at that speed, but it still ate its own brain after half an hour. Is it worth it? That said, as long as nobody leans on a card or tries to put a monitor on it, an Overclocking House PC that can sit peacefully on a desk should be Can't find your answer ?

The Senfu water pump is not good. Here are the Overclocking House switches, lights and speaker plugged into the K7V. Maximum PC has expanded its bestselling "Building a Dream PC" issue to bring you the more complete Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC. Most PC power supplies, even the 300 watt ones you should use in Athlon computers, only have a 12 volt rail current capacity of ten amps or less.

Running the beast Once the water had started circulating, I fired up the computer. Join the community here. The world's well stocked with PCs that run with their lids off and various components just sitting there, not screwed in, but the Overclocking House takes it to a whole other Alle Ausgaben durchsuchenDiese Zeitschrift als Leseprobe anzeigen » Alle Ausgaben durchsuchen19902000 Jan. 2000Febr. 2000März 2000Apr. 2000Mai 2000Juni 2000Juli 2000Aug. 2000Sept. 2000Herbst 2000Okt. 2000Nov. 2000Dez. 2000Jan. 2001Febr. 2001März 2001Apr. 2001Mai 2001Juni 2001Juli

It's only about as loud as the single PSU fan in a regular PC. In my tests with this system, I used everything up to and including the maximum voltage, and no smoke rose. They're not to be used continuously, they're not to be used with handheld devices, they're not to be used with power tools; actually, they're apparently pretty much not to be used Login _ Social Sharing Find TechSpot on...

Of course, if your water cooling kit pops a pipe off the water jacket and you don't notice for two hours, life might get more interesting. Just pick which one you want. Facebook Google+ Twitter YouTube Subscribe to TechSpot RSS Get our weekly newsletter Search TechSpot Trending Hardware The Web Culture Mobile Gaming Apple Microsoft Google Reviews Graphics Laptops Smartphones CPUs Storage Cases Since it needs cool-off time for full power operation, if you just leave it running from 12 volts without letting it rest, it could be dead in hours.

There's a strange compulsion among some overclockers to verify that their CPU really is as much faster as they just set it to be, even if it can barely keep its