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Vista / Win 7 Way More Demanding Over XP


Read on to find out what we've uncovered.Performance It's often said that recent versions of Windows have become bloated, and it's hardly unreasonable to expect each new OS to perform better Find all posts by robardin #20 12-20-2011, 05:28 PM Blakeyrat Guest Join Date: Feb 2010 Quote: Originally Posted by The Niply Elder Possibly. I've been selling Windows 8/8.1 machines for a while now and I can't see that it's affected my sales all that much. a program having a problem will more likely crash itself and not the whole machine compared to earlier versions. http://hcsprogramming.com/windows-7/vista-and-xp-ok-on-same-network.php

asked 7 years ago viewed 68782 times active 2 years ago Blog Women in the 2016 Stack Overflow Survey Visit Chat Related 2How can I make Windows XP use more than You may also... http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/paul/archive/2009/10/23/clean-install-windows-7-with-upgrade-media-the-answer.aspx. So half the ram went down the drain, and XP still won!XP SP3 FTW! More about the author

Differences Between Windows Vista And Windows 7

I’ve taken all three operating systems and put them through their paces in a rather large series of tests comparing everything from video rendering to CPU and memory performance. The ram and cpu usage is considerable higher putting a good deal of strain on my older machine with 4GB ram and slower dual core CPU. Login now. Many of the most demanding applications, like games and graphics processing, often push the hardest processing onto the GPU, not the CPU —even non-graphics work (like bulk cryptography), in many cases.

  1. sasquatch @ James Gentile : u could lay all the statisticians in the world end-to-end and never reach a conclusion! 😀anyway it was a great read… and as a big time
  2. And now you have to watch out because some of those spying tactics have made their way onto the Windows 7 and 8 product lines.
  3. unpatched Vista have 3.7 infections PER THOUSAND (half of fully patched XP) patched Vista have 2.5 infections per thousand.XP is wide open to 0-day exploits, Vista is hardened and basically immune.
  4. And the browser cache?

the average joe complains about vista and is just led to believe its bad. So what? There's no doubt that these drives are fast. Advantages Of Windows 7 Over Vista It seems to me that Vista/7 need all that extra memory just to catch up to XP, memory that XP probably doesn't even need to use to do the same work.

I sure hope Windows 10 ends all the whining because I can't take it anymore. Always get the FULL RETAIL version and do a fresh install. 95% or more of the problems people come to me with Vista have upgraded from XP then complained that nothing I am curious. More Help Why would a God of Murder be worshipped by a society?

If you have less than 2GB of RAM, stick with XP. Which Is Newer Windows 7 Or Vista This is much more demanding of video hardware and can affect performance in marginal systems where Aero is usually disabled. Upgrading from XP Vista is a poor choice if you're considering upgrading from Windows XP. Why change?Pingback: Should I stay or should I go?

Is Windows 7 Faster Than Vista

If you're wondering what, how often, and where you should back up your files, we have straight forward answers. http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/dont-be-fooled-by-these-10-pc-performance-myths/ Yes I have to reinstall all my applications, but I don't install all the crap I don't really need. Differences Between Windows Vista And Windows 7 Browse other questions tagged windows-7 windows-xp 64-bit memory or ask your own question. Windows Vista Vs Windows 7 Gaming Microsoft needs to work on updating OS's not making new ones, they suck at it.

Thanks for all the details. http://hcsprogramming.com/windows-7/sis-agp-driver-with-vista.php Reply Karl March 20, 2015 at 7:50 pm # Here's my suggestion for Martin. Working notebook: still Windows 7, the new notebooks are supplied with 8, but those who got new aren't much happier than me (also worth noting that new notebooks come with Classic But did you know that you can get just about the same speed from less expensive drives? Windows 7 Vs Vista Performance

If I bought a $400 Vista/7 machine, would the performance be back to what I'm getting with Win98??? (LOL, remember 233 MHz MMX?) Matt XP Pro 32! Similar Topics Trying to Install Win 7 Pro (32bit) over Win XP May 30, 2014 Windows XP freezes but Win 7 (or Vista) never freezes Sep 1, 2009 Win 7 64-Bit morfeus Abdul: When you say 32bit is in a different LANGUAGE to 64bit, this is isn't entirely true. http://hcsprogramming.com/windows-7/vista-dll-problem.php Reply Andrew March 20, 2015 at 5:48 pm # I guess these lines threw me off:"When Windows 8 launched, I decided against upgrading the system... ""My second PC runs Windows 8.1

I for one won't be making the change from XP to 7. Windows Vista Vs Windows 7 System Requirements I've done video editing under x64 with 64 bit programs and codec and it is still dog slow or at least not any faster.There is not one thing that is offered One more thing!

better integer performance.

Buying Guides SSDs Are About to Skyrocket in Cost: Should You Upgrade in 2017? It's slow evolution, but not disruptive. I can just log into the sites. Windows Xp Vs Windows 7 Performance In general, if 90% of your RAM is sitting there unused, then your computer isn't taking advantage of the memory it has.

Windows 7 is easier on the eyes than Vista. No joke. If its a modern app it will uninstall, if not it will pop up Programs and Features. my review here The basic point of this article was for the discussion, as I mentioned, and to show people that it's about time to truly retire Windows XP and just let it die.Tom:

Once complete, you will then be taken to the Windows 7 or Windows 10 installation process. The design was awful and the Metro interface was utterly useless. I upgraded from Vista to 7 TWICE. It's math's fault.

Either you take it or shut up and stop grousing about something that's free. Get the latest service pack. I would go to windows 7 only if it could give MUCH higher performance than windows xp can give. In short I like Windows 8.1 and I could use it for a long time.

Reply Kevin August 24, 2015 at 7:40 pm # I tried it for two weeks and went back to 7.